In the ceramic work of Eddie Symkens “man” (as a molded being) is placed in various situations, which are not always comfortable, and in a world that does not always give cause for great joy. His work is inextricably linked to the human condition, the human fate, but can be experienced through self-knowledge, awareness and understanding.

Awareness and understanding  are sent from within and just as in the blinded Oedipus eyes unnecessary, because the world that must be seen, is an inner world.

Eddie Symkens seeks to design sculptures that are searching and might even appear strange and perhaps surpass the traditional / conservative thinking patterns of humanity in the hope that confrontation leads to new avenues. Firstly, the figures radiate an enormous force with their head stuck out and their weighty body, on the other hand they are overcome with a kind of impotence, which makes them human.

Eddie Symkens shows with his work, the desire to rise above the earth / clay / earthly matter. The self-conscious sculptures in their seemingly clumsy body, worn with much dignity, make him succeed. For the artist, diversity is an "existential" need in order to be innovative or initiate change.

Text: Courtesy of Fernand HAERDEN, art critic.


Selections and awards:

2016: 2nd Biennial Art at Sea: curator Hugo Brutin (Ostend).

2015: Dagblad De Limburger (NL): exhibition about silence and freezing, scoring 4 stars.

2014: 1st Biennial Art at Sea: curator Hugo Brutin (Ostend).

2013: Selected: "self-portrait": Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen at Rotterdam.  

2011: Selected to participate: ISEL: art and culture magazine: ABC van de Belgische Hedendaagse Kunstenaars 2011.

2010: Selected to participate Sculptures Guide 2010. (movingartmagazine)

2008: Art cataloque: Art gallery Ludwig Trossaert Antwerp.

2007: Selected at Dutch ceramists association.

2007: Selected for collection Business Art Service.

2007: Selected to participate on “Beeldig Limburg Belguim” statues of  11 selected artits
of the Province of Limburg, organised by the Comity of July 11th, the Province of Limburg and Flanders Fiesta.

2006: First prize for plastic arts by the town of Dilsen-Stokkem and Davidfonds Belguim.

2005: Selected for the book "14 Presents-day artists" by Thierry Jonnaert.  

In public places:

Flemisch Parliament (Flemisch ombudsman offices).

 2 bronze sculptures: Castle "Ter Motten" by the town of Dilsen-Stokkem. (Belguim).

 Lease-lend: Sculpture: Europa protests (H1m70) and Sculpture: Transhumane (H1m80)
 Cultural Center Maasmechelen. (Belguim).